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AW Production offers a variety of Photography to meet your online websites, catalogs, linesheets, posters, brochures, magazine ads, billboards and more.



1458 S San Pedro St., Unit #201
Los Angeles, CA 90015
T. 213.747.9911
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When pricing projects, we provide excellent value and quality of work to
our customers. You can be assured to receive most excellent and
competitive pricing for the services ordered. 

Many of our clients require simple and straightforward product photos,
like the one shown below.


You'll notice that these particular photos are shot on a white background
and they look seamless on any medium. We specialize in these types of photography and requires special lighting techniques,
especially when achieving natural shadows.

These types of photos can be used in many ways, such as in catalogs,
online store, brochures, and  just about anywhere you need high quality photographs of your product. 

Each client’s project is unique and has different requirements.
Products that require more preparation such as jewelry and glassware
will cost more due to greater care.

Pricing Guidelines 
Product Photography (5 business days)
(For seamless white background)
Single photo $29 
5-9 photos $25 per photo 
10-19 photos $23 per photo 
20-49 photos $20 per photo 
50-99 photos $18 per photo 
100 or more photos Please call 

Studio Photography Rates
2 hour minimum
Half-day 4 hours $800 
Full-day 8 hours $1,450 
Additional hours over Half $250 
or Full day rates

Model Rates
4 Hour half-day Photoshoot $400+ 
8 Hour full day Photoshoot $750+ 

Make-up Artist
4 Hour half-day Photoshoot
8 Hour full day Photoshoot $450+ 
2-Hour Minimum $170/hour 

Expedited Delivery
For those clients who need their project completed faster than our normal turnaround. We have the following options to meet almost any deadline. All expedited projects include Internet download of the high resolution
photos at no additional charge.

2 Business Day Delivery
Normal rate + 25%
Next Business Day Delivery
Normal rate + 50%
Same Business Day Delivery
Twice our normal rate

Photograph of product
Airbrushing to remove imperfections
Web optimized image @ 72 dpi
Full resolution image @ 300dpi
Seamless white background
Online review of proof photos
Instant online delivery of high resolution photos

Other Services:
Internet delivery of high-resolution photos

We have just launched a new system that allows all of our clients to receive original quality jpeg. photos in high resolution, instantly via our online image hosting at no cost.

Creating transparent image backgrounds by knocking out the product from background. This is useful if you want to artificially change the white background to something else.  PSD format included at $8.00 per photo.

Graphic design and layout services
We can provide graphic design services beyond just product photography. If you need brochures or sale sheets designed, or need someone to install your photos into your website for you.

AW Production
1458 S. San Pedro St. Unit# 201 Los Angeles, CA 90015

Tel (213) 747- 9911   Fax (213) 747- 9913


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